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Midge Woods 
ISU Metals Intermediate Class 2019 Artist Statement
“Patina Copper Bell. My Symbol of Home”. 
Home is a place that represents a coming together for sharing time, joy, and experiencing life. In the Art of Metals, using bells as the focus, I designed this art project to express my meaning for Home. This idea took me to a childhood memory of my family vacations driving to the California Missions in our Ford station-wagon. The decade of 1950-1960 was a special time for my parents to share our unique family history while traveling with kids. My Grandmother and Great Aunt were a part of the California Mission’s history. These Women, through their efforts of fund-raising replaced many of the Camino Mission Bells that now line the 600-mile route from Northern to Southern California. The Camino Bell and my Maternal Ancestors wove their golden threads into my Metals Art Class Project. I realize that bells are a meaningful symbol for any home. Such as doorbells, dinner bells, wedding bells. Bells can be an outreach into a community by calling people to a town meeting, time for church service or even a house fire. The most famous bell in America is the Liberty Bell which is our countries symbol for home and its meaning of freedom.
This “Patina Copper Bell” represents my artist concept of “Home” from my influence from childhood and adult life experiences. The ability to create this bell comes from being a

(Over 60 Senior) student introduce to an Art Metals Class and learning how to work with metals as an art form. This patina bell is made from a single sheet of copper by adding surface texture with hammering, annealing and applying a technique called ammonia patina. The colorful turquoise patina was created from using Himalayan Pink Salt soaking for 24 hours in ammonia solution. I cut the colorful copper that was created on the metal surface from this ammonia process into four triangle geometric symbols. After drilling holes for lacing on each triangle; I interlaced copper wire into the seams to form the bell while I had a conscious connection to the spirit of this art and my symbolic meaning of home. I added handmade copper bells for the sound needed and constructed a clapper to represent the missions bell tower to finish the theme. The bell was completed with a copper metal tube twisted for hanging the finished “Patina Bell” Metal Art Project in a place of honor in my home.
My intention for this art piece is to recognize the immense Gratitude for the people that honor history by restoring, preserving and remembering Art as a valued meaning for Home!

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